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Spaten Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

Deep golden color. Natural cloudiness, with yeast Crispy, refreshing, spicy and fruity.

Color ABV IBU Calories
6 5% 150

German Hefeweizen

The feature summer ale of Southern Germany (Bavaria), the hefeweizen (or "weissbier") is brewed with wheat malt (at least 50%) and light Pilsner malt. The resulting product features a balanced ester (normally banana) and phenolic (normally clove) flavor that is achieved from the yeast used to brew these beers. The appearance of this unfiltered beer ("mit hefe" means "with yeast") is pale golden to amber in color with light to heavy cloudiness and a very generous, fluffy, and long lasting white head. Citrus and basic wheat grain elements (even bubblegum) often accompany the feature flavors, while hops contribute a very minor role. The Hefeweizen is the lightest of the Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen, and Weizenbock series of German Wheat beers.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany