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Blue Moon Belgian White

Its stunning amber color looks like gold sitting in your hand, the frothy bubbled head amounts to a good quarter finger. The sweet taste of this beer is accented with coriander flavors, and touches of grassy grains and cracker like maltiness.

Color ABV IBU Calories
6 5.4% 17

Belgian White

A style revived by Peter Celis at Hoegaarden, Belgian White Ales (Witbiers) are Belgium's twist on Wheat Beer, normally brewed with about 50% wheat malt. These beers are typically cloudy (unfiltered), feature a yellow-white to golden color with significant carbonation, and pour with a dense, fluffy, and well-sustaining head. Their flavors are crisp, moderately sweet, and sometimes tart with spices (coriander and curacao probably most common) and citrus fruits (orange peels, lemon zestiness) most commonly featured over the subdued wheat base. Hops play almost no role in this style's aroma or flavor.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Frederick J. Miller was a determined young brewer who settled in Milwaukee and purchased the Plank Road Brewery where he founded Miller Brewing Company in 1855. Adolph Coors apprenticed at a brewery in Prussia during his teens and stowed away on a ship to America to realize his dreams of becoming a brewer. Adolph opened the Golden Brewery (later Coors Brewing Company) in Colorado and tapped his first barrel in 1873.