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Goose Island Four Star Pils

This golden-hued pilsner has a light, fresh body and clean finish. Bright, refreshing carbonation mingles with German and American hops to give this pilsner a unique Goose Island spin.

Color ABV IBU Calories
3 5.1% 44 153

German Pilsener

Classic German Pilsners are very light straw to golden in color. Head should be dense and rich. Pilsner is one of the most popular styles of lager beers in Germany, and in many other countries. It’s often spelled as "Pilsener", and often times abbreviated, or spoken in slang, as "Pils."

Chicago, Illinois, USA

The key to building interest in craft beer, Founder John Hall decided, was to allow consumers to watch the brewing process  while providing them with the then-novel experience of enjoying a wide variety of distinctive beers that had been produced on-site .Goose Island beers are now enjoyed in 36 states and Europe.