"He was a wise man who invented beer."


IceCodeBeer is driven of the following simple, yet effective philosophies.

Be Frictionless:
As the VOLUME of consumer information expands we need to find easier ways of shifting through mountains of data. Our goal is to leverage existing technology such as QR Codes and NFC to let people find information they want - fast and easy.

Be Platform Agnostic:
Where ever possible, we want to create products that work on the widest selection of technologies. To us, the internet and HTML5 are the perfect platform to build products. Rather than spending our energies building different products for different operating systems - our goal is to build products that just work everywhere.

Good Data = Good Decisions.
This is true for both consumers and business owners. Customers make better decisions when informed. We choose to develop online mechanisms that allow consumers to educate consumers and guide them to the best decisions.

Beer Content

The content of this site is, where possible, directly from the brewer of craft beers. IceCodeBeer aims to best represent craft and artisanal brewers. To that end, we reference the ownership of logos, beer descriptions, and specs to the brewer. Any missing, or incorrect data will be resolved as quickly as possible.


Several technologies where synthesized to bring about the IceCodeBeer experience. Below are links to the technologies or code base(s) used in this project.

Descant Media

Descant Media is a Delaware based media company. Descant Media (previously New York PanMedia) has more than a fifteen experience of brand building, logo design, photography, database management, and web design. Several years ago Descant began aggressively developing HTML 5, Smartphone based products utilizing NFC tags and QR Codes.

To see a list of projects, a gallery of our work, and contact us, visit: descantmedia.com